Mum & Dad & Me

I've long thought the Form family should have a communal blog so I decided to do something about it now before I get too old to care - the carefully crafted pages you are about to read are the result. Hopefully over the years the blog will build up into a store of family wit and wisdom, filled with joy and warm memories - as well as a useful source of stories about our Julian.

The image at the top of the page was taken pretty close to the beginning of my part in the story: it's summer 1945, so I'm about fifteen or sixteen months old, the eldest of what would become a family of eight brothers and three sisters. It looks as though I didn't like the man taking the photograph - or I had been dragged away from something I thought much more important. I'm Edwin Form, the oldest Form kid and the self-appointed chief blogger here [I'm trying to persuade other members of the family to contribute]. The happy looking pair insisting that I get my photograph taken are Bill and Veda Form, our father and mother and I'll be filling in their details and those of the rest of their kids in the pages that follow, so sit up at the back and pay attention.

For the technically and the geographically inclined - the picture was taken with a unofficially borrowed RAF reconnaissance camera by Dad's wartime colleague, John Dixon, and the place is just outside the gateway of RAF Shepherds Grove, near Ixworth in Suffolk.

For the historically inclined, the picture must date very close to a memorable day Dad recalled to me in a sombre moment - He lived out of camp with Mum and me, in Peacock Rise, Ixworth, when he served at Shepherds Grove and walked back to go on duty early every morning. On this particular day, near the famous old lime tree that used to stand in the high street, he came across an elderly man who had pulled a newspaper out of the bundle lying on the newsagent's doorstep and was reading it. He showed Dad the headline - it reported the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.